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Are you planning  release the game on app lab?

And if yes,  will i get a app lab key    if i buy the game now on ?

Best regards


I am working on a new game at the moment, and because I unfortunately lost the project files of this game (which I would need to fix some issues), I can not submit it to App Lab.

Feel free to buy the game on Itch though. If you need any help regarding sideloading, you can contact me on Discord (@Robbin12392#1398).

I hope to have answered your question!

- Robbin

Hello, I escaped from your room.

The enigma part was cool.

I have some suggestion to make about the VR part.

about the way we move, When you’re prone to motion sickness moving with the joystick make you sick. There is some way to counter that. You can maybe implement teleportation or tunneling vision when you move.

and about the keypad, the collision with the hand is not really great, it’s difficult to enter just a number without clicking on an another button. And also a reset button could be usefull.

Still I’m glad to have purchased and played your game.

Sorry if my englsh is bad, I need more practice.

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Hi Tr4n, thanks for playing my game and giving the feedback!

I'm aware of the keypad issue, I'll fix that as soon as possible. A reset button is a great idea, thanks!  

About the locomotion, I can understand that some people can get sick from the locomotion used by the game right now, therefor a teleport option could be useful.

I'm glad you've enjoyed my game! It took me really long to finish.

- Robbin12392